The Power of Mom Stories

Stories of any kind can have a powerful impact on the individual who is hearing them. When they are comprised of mom stories such as those which are found here, the reader will be touched, as they are written from the heart. Some may bring a smile, others may bring a tear or two, and for some, they may bring back memories.

The moms who have shared their stories here, have done so because they feel the experiences they are sharing are not only important to them but perhaps to others as well. Everyone has a mom and hearing the stories from other moms can be uplifting.

Motherhood Aged 20 vs 30

29 Jul 2021

There are actually several differences when it comes to becoming a mother aged 20 as compared to 30. There are critical variations in terms of the health impacts, as well as the financial implications. Being aware of these will help women decide which age is the best time to give birth.

How to Be There When Your Child Grow Up

15 Jan 2020

A child's early years are very crucial to his development for the rest of his life. If you want your child to have the best chance in life, make sure to not miss his most important years. Be there for him, and capture every special moment.

In the Car with the Sharks

2 Jan 2020

Being a mom can be hard (believe me, I know!), but I think one of the hardest parts about it can be that you feel isolated: away from other moms, sometimes distant from your partner, and then you find out that, even though your kid isn’t even in your car, you’ve been listening and singing along to “Baby Shark” for the past 20 minutes. How did this happen?

Reclaiming my space

My 20-minute shark attack woke me up. I wasn’t taking care of myself. So I did what every mother does: I booked a day session at the spa and then went to the casino that night! While I was at the spa I brushed up on my blackjack strategy at njcasino, a site where you can find no deposit bonus online casino to visit.

Feeling fresh from head to toe and smelling like a rose, I hit the casino. I did pretty well with my first hour of blackjack, but not as well as I knew I could. So I hit the slots to zone out for a bit, then went back to the blackjack table again. The second time I ended up playing a lot smarter, putting my strategy together and not straying from that.

Treasure Every Moment with Your Child

29 Nov 2019

Becoming a mom is a precious experience that each of us should treasure, even though it's hard to remember this when you lack sleep and your child keeps on crying no matter how hard you try to calm him or her down. Treasure the experience and be grateful for it.