In the Car with the Sharks

Being a mom can be hard (believe me, I know!), but I think one of the hardest parts about it can be that you feel isolated: away from other moms, sometimes distant from your partner, and then you find out that, even though your kid isn’t even in your car, you’ve been listening and singing along to “Baby Shark” for the past 20 minutes. How did this happen?

Reclaiming my space

My 20-minute shark attack woke me up. I wasn’t taking care of myself. So I did what every mother does: I booked a day session at the spa and then went to the casino that night! While I was at the spa I brushed up on my blackjack strategy at njcasino, a site where you can find no deposit bonus online casino to visit.

Feeling fresh from head to toe and smelling like a rose, I hit the casino. I did pretty well with my first hour of blackjack, but not as well as I knew I could. So I hit the slots to zone out for a bit, then went back to the blackjack table again. The second time I ended up playing a lot smarter, putting my strategy together and not straying from that.

2 Jan 2020